Welcome to your "home" page. This is where your search starts, and I can help.  As a Colorado Native, I have the unique experience of seeing the metro area grow up.  Once out of the way neighborhoods, are thriving communities with art, restaurants, with unique cultural traditions and venues.  I take this knowledge and experience to work everyday, and make your home buying and selling experience as unique and wonderful as Colorado is.    Starting in 2008, I began my real estate career during the great recession, working with short sales, foreclosures with listings that lasted months on the market.  Fast forward 12 years to 2020, I thought I had seen it all, but as we all know, that's never the case!  Working the ups and downs of the real estate market is what keeps me going, and gives me the insight to not only help your transaction be smooth, but a positive experience.  I am honored to have the privlege of helping you with any of your real estate needs.